Imagining the Past in France


Three interactives that explore historical narratives from medieval France. Through guided tours and ad-hoc exploration, these interactives highlight the ways in which text and illumination worked together to help show medieval readers the role and purpose of history. Produced in conjunction with a major exhibition at the Getty Museum, Imagining the Past in France, the interactives were installed on touch-screen kiosks adjacent to the original works of art.

The interactives highlight how dramatic depictions of moral dilemmas, valiant battles, and chivalrous derring-do illuminate the broader conception of history in the Middle Ages. Together they show how historical narratives came to play a decisive role at the French court and in the process inspired some of the most original and splendid artworks of the time. By appealing to the authority of the past, these manuscripts inherently reflected the values and belief systems of the French nation in a way that supported and validated its very existence.

Explore the books in-depth:
Admiring Ancient Role Models
Presenting World History
Telling French History

Produced for The J. Paul Getty Museum exhibition Imagining the Past in France in 2010.

Custom interactive application running on 22" touch screen computers; also available online.

Director: Paco Link
Technical Producer: Heather McMillan
Writer: Nina Diamond
Editor: Maria Gilbert
Developer: Mark Baltzegar