Mummification Process


Follow the steps of the mummification process in this short 3-D animation.

Drawing on a great deal of conservation and scientific research on Herakleides, a Romano-Egyptian mummy in the Getty Villa, this animation explains how he was mummified, describing the various steps and materials used in the process. The video describes some unusual characteristics of the mummy—the fact that an ibis was mummified with him, for example—while also portraying common aspects of the mummification process.

This video was the first media installed in the permanent collection galleries of the Museum.

Produced for The J. Paul Getty Museum in 2009 for permanent display at the Getty Villa.

Displayed in-gallery using custom interactive video application; also online.

Creative director and producer: Paco Link
Writer: Anne Martens
Editors: Sahar Tchaitchian and Maria Gilbert

> Communication Arts Annual Illustration Award