Augmented Reality Cabinet of Wonders


Have you ever been in museum, and really wished you could hold an object and examine it in your hands? Augmented reality is making this possible – at least virtually.

You can watch the demo above, or better yet, test try the experience yourself.

This AR feature provides users with the ability to manipulate one of the most complex objects in J. Paul Getty Museum’s collection, the Augsburg Display Cabinet — a 17th-century “cabinet of curiosities” from Augsburg, Germany. This creates an augmented reality version of the cabinet so online visitors can view and interact with it.

We’re getting closer to a world where you can ask: why go to a museum when it can come to you? The augmented reality experience is not meant to be used in-gallery, it will never replace seeing the real object in person, but it’s a fascinating use of technology.

Hey, way to tone up the cheesy, downmarket AR scene with some glossy, top-end high-culture!

Bruce Sterling – Wired

Produced for The J. Paul Getty Museum in 2010 as an experimental/promotional feature for the New Galleries for Medieval and Renaissance Sculpture and Decorative Arts.

Online feature.

Producer: Paco Link
Writer/Editor: Maria Gilbert