Aztec Pantheon


The Aztec Pantheon exhibition breaks new ground for Getty Museum audiences. The accompanying interactive and audio guide are compelling tools to illuminate unfamiliar and often complex elements of Aztec art and culture. 


The interactive focuses on two masterpieces of Aztec sculpture from the collections of the National Museum of Anthropology and the Templo Mayor Museum in Mexico City. Built on custom 360º photography, the interactive provides a guided viewing experience to help visitors interpret the symbolism and story behind the sculptures.

In-gallery touch screens:


The audio tour investigates how European explorers and missionaries encountered the Aztecs, and how they sought to understand their unfamiliar culture and customs through European frames of reference such as classical art and literature, and biblical scripture. The tour is enriched by an original music score and played on Aztec inspired instruments. The tone and style of the music is composed specifically for each object.

Sample audio tour stops:

Aztec, 1440-1469, Templo Mayor, Mexico City

Aztec, 1325 - 1500, Templo Mayor, Mexico City


Produced for The J. Paul Getty Museum exhibition The Aztec Pantheon and the Art of Empire in 2009.

- Custom interactive application running on 19" touch screen computers; also online.
- Exhibition audio tour (15 stops); also select stops online.

Director and Producer: Paco Link
Production Associate: Lien Nguyen
Production Coordinator: Keeli Shaw
Writer: Nina Diamond
Editor: Sahar Tchaitchian