Churchill and the Great Republic


This online exhibition examines the life and career of Winston Churchill and emphasizes his lifelong links with the United States – the nation he called “the great Republic.” Interconnected paths offer visitors three ways to experience the story. The timeline offers a chronological look at Churchill’s long life and career, and it places him within a broader world context. Visitors can also follow major themes in Churchill’s life, such as his relationships with American Presidents and his commanding role in World War II. Within this interpretive section, audio tours by the curator are combined with detail animations to bring important objects to life. Finally, visitors can examine over 200 objects related to Churchill, including letters, photographs, maps, and personal documents.

Produced by Terra Incognita for The Library of Congress exhibition Churchill and the Great Republic in 2006.

Online exhibition

Interactive media producer and content development

> MUSE Award (Silver), American Association of Museums
> Communication Arts Interactive Annual