The Genographic Project


Where do you really come from? And how did you get to where you live today?

In this web site and online feature for National Geographic, visitors can explore the history book hidden within their genetic code. Using DNA samples collected from across the world, population geneticists are creating an ever-more detailed map of how humans got from Africa to every corner of the globe. In the ultimate interactive experience, visitors can even submit samples of their own DNA and explore the routes of their own ancestors, right on the web site.

Could our ancestors be more alike than we think? Four people map their genographical history to find out.


Produced by Terra Incognita in 2005 for National Geographic's The Genographic Project.

Web site and online exhibition

Interactive media producer and content development

> Webby Award, Science Category
> Webby Award, People's Voice
> CODiE Award, Best Online Science Information Service, Software & Information Industry Association