Making a Spanish Polychrome Sculpture


Learn about the techniques used to create a remarkably realistic seventeenth-century sculpture.

In conjunction with a long-term didactic exhibition on the J. Paul Getty Museum’s sculpture Saint Ginés de la Jara, we produced a video comprised of a 3-D animation and live action to demonstrate the carving and painting techniques used in Spain hundreds of years ago. This is a good example of technology effectively used to clearly demonstrate an intricate artistic process. The combination of digital imagery with the live footage of artists makes this video appealing to a broad audience and promotes a deeper appreciation of the art form. The video was displayed on touchscreen kiosks, in the museum’s movie theater, and distributed online through multiple channels.

The video was developed in a manner that would make it a relevant resource for understanding the methods used to create any Spanish polychrome sculpture. Consequently, it has been featured by museums in London, Spain, Indianapolis, and Washington, D.C.

Produced for The J. Paul Getty Museum exhibition La Roldana’s Saint Ginés: The Making of a Polychrome Sculpture in 2009.

Custom interactive video application running on 17" touch screen computers with listening wands; also available online.

Director and cinematographer: Paco Link
Producer: Lien Nguyen
Production coordinator: Keeli Shaw
Writer/editor: Maria Gilbert
Developer: Mark Baltzegar

MUSE Award (Silver), American Association of Museums