Two Approaches to Vase-Painting Restoration


Explore two approaches to restoring the painted decoration on a fragmentary vase. This interactive provides an engaging means for users to compare and contrast different restoration techniques that can lead to widely varying results.

Although only about a third of the vase survives, the fragments provide sufficient information to re-create the vase shape. Restoration of this vessel at the Getty Villa aimed not only to reconstruct its shape but also to clarify the painted narrative. Silhouettes with no added detail were painted in to provide a visual context for the isolated fragments. This unusually large krater (mixing vessel) depicts an Amazonomachy, a battle between Greeks and Amazons (women warriors).


Produced for The J. Paul Getty Museum exhibtion Fragment to Vase: Approaches to Ceramic Restoration in 2008.

Custom interactive application running on 22" touch screen computer; also available online.

Director and producer: Paco Link
Writer: Nina Diamond
Editor: Sahar Tchaitchian
Developer: Mark Baltzegar